It's Time To Connect Differently

A new dating experience for the Jewish community

What If We Were Able To Get Real ?

Say this, never say that, do this, wear this. Jewish Dating is Hard. Connecting authentically seems almost impossible. But what if things were different?

Date With Your Whole Self

We host guided group dinner experience that are part workshop and part dating event. They are designed to encourage trust, vulnerability and openness.

Why We Created Openly

We believe that relationships are built not found.

It's Time To Try Something Different

Openly events are by invitation only

The Openly Experience
  • Full Dinner
  • Unique Guided Dating Experience
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Common Questions

Where do Openly events take place?

Brooklyn, NY for now.

What happens at an Openly event?

Openly events are transformative learning experiences where everyone learns to date differently through participation. Each experience is made up of a hand selected group of singles. Together we learn to trust each other, open up, connect from a place of authenticity.

Do I need to come prepared?

No, just be open to new experiences.

Who We Are

Just Some People Who Care

Ben Rohr


Ben has been building communities for over 6 years. He brings his experience and deep understanding of people to the team

Tzvi Asa

Tzvi has been making events for over 5 years and brings his experience of planning and running events smoothly. He brings infectious energy to the team and wants to see and make a change in the way people experience dating.

Leah Roman

Leah is a psychology student living in crown heights. She works with teens and enjoys connecting to people. She would like to help make dating more authentic deep and positive experience.

Malka Berenshteyn

Malka is a graduate student studying art therapy and mental health counseling. She is looking forward to facilitating a new chapter in Jewish dating.

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